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Low Sugar Single Use Lemon Powder Drink

  • Brand: Almey Koza
  • Product Code: tekazsekerlim
  • Availability: In Stock
8.00TL Ex Tax: 8.00TL
Tags: Lemon

From the business inventor and expert.

We produced Koza single-use drink Lemon flavoured powdered in full automatic clean machines and immaculate environments without touched by hand or even almost without air touched.

Therefore, we have been awarded ISO 22000 and Halal certificates. We carefully packed each package for a teacup (100 ml). Neither more nor less! We took into consideration our common taste and we acted accordingly when determining grammage, flavour, amount of sugar.



Pour 1 package (100 ml) into each teacup, add hot or cold water depending on how you want, mix and your great drink is ready to serve! If you like very sugary, extra sugar can be added or if you want to drink it in a cup (200 ml) you can use 2 packages.


Pieces in-box:30 pieces Box in Carton:36 boxes
Stick Weight:1,8 gram Weight of Carton:3,5 kg
Carrton Dimensions:25,5 cm * 24,5 cm * 43,5 cm
Warranty:2 years
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